Bathroom Renovations

Bathroom Renovations

Professional Bathroom Renovations Services

Bathroom renovations can add significant value to your property, instantly refresh your home, increase space and be the ideal solution to existing issues in your bathroom. Whether it’s a large or small bathroom renovation, it can also be a costly venture, the second most expensive renovation behind kitchens. These costs, however, can be minimised with accurate planning and experienced advice from professionals.

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Types of Bathroom Renovations

Cosmetic Remodels

This type of bathroom renovation is considered small, but they are mighty in effect! A cosmetic renovation is anything that doesn’t involve altering your floor plan, plumbing or electricity and can involve a vanity, sink, shower or bath replacement, fresh tiling or new vanity or countertops.

Bathroom Redesign

If you’re seeking a bathroom renovation that will enhance your bathroom’s aesthetic and its functionality, you’re probably looking at a bathroom redesign. This type of bathroom renovation generally involves changing the floor plan to accommodate more space or a complete change in layout. Whilst they are a more significant undertaking than cosmetic remodels, they can considerably transform the aesthetic and condition of your bathroom.

Bathroom Replacement or Bathroom Addition

Like a redesign, a bathroom replacement or bathroom addition involves a complete floor plan restructure. If you are looking to stay in your home long-term, accommodate a growing family or simply make the most of your space, a bathroom replacement or bathroom addition may be the perfect solution.

We Offer Seamless Bathroom Renovation Process

01 Consultation

Speak with us about what your vision is for your bathroom reno and what your needs and requirements are. We will advise you on council approval, drawings and everything else in between and answer any questions you have with professional and experienced advice.

02 Quotation

Based on the scope of your bathroom renovation, we can put together a preliminary breakdown of your project cost so that you know exactly what you are paying for and in accordance with your budget. This quote will include all facets of your project’s process to ensure a smooth renovation until handover, with no surprises.

03 Design Process

We will discuss with you and work out layouts, fixtures, floor plans and sample selections. We will consider function and style equally to achieve superior finishes and results.

04 Renovation Begins

Once you approve and are happy with your bathroom design, we will begin to renovate your bathroom! Our team will work with suppliers and any required sub-contractors to ensure a smooth and efficient process.

Why Choose Freedom & Co

Freedom & Co have been renovating bathrooms for over 25 years. We have licensed carpenters specialising in residential and commercial bathroom remodeling and customised bathroom renovations.